Dr. Abdulmohsen Alalshiekh

Dr. Abdulmohsen Alalshiekh is a partner at SADRA Consulting and one of the strategy team. He is a strategy consultant and educator. He has many years of experience in advising both public and private sectors in areas of foreign investment, particularly on the impacts of attracting global companies on the development of the Saudi market, human capital, infrastructure, technology transfer, and other related issues.
During his work at the Ministry of Economic and Planning from 2019 to 2021, Dr. Abdulmohsen advised the highest levels of the ministry on a range of issues related to the international trade and direct foreign investments. He actively engaged in developing polices, new programs, and initiatives aimed at attracting multinational enterprises to participate in the development of the Saudi economy, enhancing national human capital, improving infrastructures, building new industries, and enhancing technology and knowledge transfer.
Dr. Abdulmohsen has a Ph.D. in international business from Brunel University, UK, a master’s degree in International MBA from Griffith University, Australia, and B.S. in business from King Saud University, KSA. As well, he is an affiliated professor of business at Al Yamamah University.