Dr. Eid Alotaibi

Dr. Eid Alotaibi is a partner at SADRA Consulting and project leader. He is an audit data analytics expert. During his Ph.D. studies at Rutgers, USA from 2017 to 2020, he played a significant role in how auditors can employ advance technologies to enhance the audit practice. He was part of many research projects on emerging technologies that include blockchain technology and its potential impact on the audit and assurance profession, smart contracts to automate compliance audit, critical audit matters objectives, audit analytics for auditing procurement, robotic process automation to auditing, the implementation of continuous auditing, and disclosure readability using test-mining methods. Dr. Eid has a Ph.D. in accounting information systems from Rutgers University, New Brunswick/Newark, NJ, United Stated of America, 2020. As well, he has a master’s degree in accounting with honor from Kogod School at American University, Washington, DC, 2014, and he got his bachelor’s degree in accounting with two honors from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, United Stated of America, 2012. Currently, Dr. Eid is an assistant professor of accounting at Saudi Electronic University and adjunct professor of accounting at Rutgers University.