Mr. Omar AlMudiars

Mr. Omar AlMudiars is a partner at SADRA Consulting and project leader in human capital development, human resource planning recruiting, management and leadership coaching, team building, performance assessment and KPIs, human resource strategies, and human resource policy development. He brings an industry experience of more than 20 years in the human resource industry across a number of industries, such as banking, health, and education. He set plans for strategic staffing in the appropriate hiring resources and retention along level wise to achieve the firm’s stability approach and create, develop and maintain knowledge on human capital developments related areas such as wages and salaries, employee benefits and organization design to assist in the review of turnover rates, staffing and retention problems, development and implementation of actions to reduce turnover. Mr. AlMudiars has extensive experience in establishment and management of human capital divisions including talent management and acquisitions as well as assessment and development centers. Currently, Mr AlMudiars acts as human resources director and human capital advisor at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. Mr. AlMudiars holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountant.