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SADRA Management Advisory Services

Our management advisory team includes a group of skilled professionals and experts with a long-record of industry experiences and internationally recognized expertise in a range of management related fields. Our team works with leaders of government agencies and private enterprises in the region to tackle the most pressing issues that these leaders and their organizations face and provide them with innovative, value creating, sustainable solutions. SADRA management advisory team build partnerships with decision and policymakers in both public and private sectors to tackle changes they face and advance their policies and strategic goals in creating growth, opportunities, improving productivity, and enhancing the competitiveness of their organizations and local economy.

Our data-driven business solution framework, which is augmented by our international expertise and our deep understanding of the Saudi culture and regulatory system, gives SADRA management advisory team an unparalleled competitive edge. This advantage makes SADRA team indispensable and unique when it comes to providing customized solutions for solving local challenges and unlocking untapped local talent and opportunities.

SADRA tailored management advisory services include strategy development, Balanced Scorecard Mapping, translating strategy into strategic objectives, developing KPIs, performance assessment, PESTLE Analysis, market and competitor analysis, business development, human capital development policies, and leadership development and coaching.

SADRA Economic Advisory Services

Our highly recognized team provides world class economic advisory services that cover a wide range of the economic spectrum, tackle the most challenging issues facing public and private sectors alike and provide sustainable, innovative business solutions. Our data-driven advisory framework, which is built on our deep understanding of the Saudi society and economy and augmented by our global expertise and perspective, is second to none in the region. SADRA advisory team works with decision and policymakers in both public and private sectors to advance their policies and strategic objectives and take their organization to the next level of growth, opportunities, productivity, and competitiveness.

Our renowned financial economists and prestigious scholars with demonstrated excellence in research and industry experience partner with our clients to provide them with the most accurate, fit-for-purpose, and data-driven solutions, presented in user-friendly, easy to understand reports.

SADRA tailored economic advisory services include modeling returns of public investments, analyzing economic impacts, privatization strategies, financial policy development, economic feasibility studies, financial forecasting and business valuation, economic modelling, social ROI, and cost-benefit analysis.

SADRA Digital Transformation Advisory Services

Our technological savvy and business professional team works with leaders from both government and private sectors to help them integrate digital technology into all functions of their organizations. This integration will transform these organizations and fundamentally change how they operate, and do business. They will become more agile and adaptive to rapidly changing customer expectations, disruptive technologies, and a rapidly shifting competitive environment.

Our data-driven business model along with our international expertise and our deep understanding of the Saudi culture, society and economy gives SADRA team a unique competitive advantage. Capitalizing on this competitive edge, the SADRA digital transformation advisory team works with our clients in both public and private sectors to provide them with innovative, technology-based business solutions that improve their operating efficiency and effectiveness, customer experience, reduce costs, increase productivity, create growth and opportunities, and improve competitiveness.

Our digital transformation advisory services include, but not limited to developing digital transformation strategy and operating model, harnessing the power of new technologies and integrating a data-driven model into the decision making process, and creating an agile, innovation ecosystem and organizational culture that reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity, and increase competitiveness.

SADRA Knowledge Hub Advisory Services

The SADRA Knowledge Hub is a state-of-the-art, client-tailored digital platform that is developed and managed by SADRA Team. Our internationally recognized scholars and experts tap data science, cutting-edge research methodologies, business analytics tools, and technology to help our clients develop a customized knowledge hub that allows them to share best practice, experiences, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create expert communities. The SADRA Knowledge Hub provides our strategic partners in the public and private sectors with innovative, sustainable business solutions that allow them to be ahead of the curve.

It provides our clients with easy access to a range of tools, performance indicators, case studies, research findings, simulations, scenario analysis, and various economic models that draw on cognitive psychology literature and behavioral finance and economics theories to predict the decision behavior of economic agents.

In addition, this digital platform empowers our clients with a multitude of data driven analyses that are at their fingertips with a click of a mouse, such as descriptive, diagnostics, predictive, and prescriptive business analytics among a range of data analysis techniques to support their decision-making process.